growing the capacity for change

Above all, Ellen believes that building relationships, both on a personal and organizational level, is key to creating the kind of movements we seek.  Leaders often need to take a moment to focus on building the skills that will enhance their relationships with staff, allies and supporters – while still meeting the strategic mission at hand. Through executive and leadership coaching, Ellen helps directors,

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WindowBox Coaching & Consulting was created by Ellen Gurzinsky to provide professional assistance to progressive organizations during times of growth, retrenchment or transitions;  and to provide not-for-profit leaders with opportunities to refine and enhance their vision and skills.  Ellen has over thirty years experience in the nonprofit sector, leading organizations in the labor movement, the movement against violence against women, and most recently in the philanthropic sector.   She brings this diverse and rich experience and expertise to her consulting and coaching practice.

Ellen’s long time commitment to racial and economic justice, to community organizing and to promoting activism and movement building are important underlying principles of her work.  Within that framework, Ellen believes that structure and discipline are key elements in creating strong and vibrant organizations and movements; that insightful, direct and supportive guidance is essential for developing strong and vibrant leadership; and finally, that successful techniques come from varied and diverse sources.

managers and leaders to accept and value their own leadership style while making the changes that will help them to be more efficient and effective.

Ellen’s primary objectives are to increase an organization’s or individual’s ability to engage efficiently and productively with their mission by:

  1. Bullet Coaching to support leaders in their desires to grow, learn and be better at what they do

  1. Bullet Supporting leadership and working with staff -- at all levels of the organization.

  1. Bullet Enhancing the capacity to be creative, innovative and strategic

  1. Bullet Assisting progressive organizations in their fundraising efforts

  1. Bullet Assisting organizations with executive transitions and other hiring processes to build the right staff